Parks & Recreation


Facilities Supervisor:

Robert Webb

315 Main Street

Duryea, PA 18642

570-655-2829 ext. 26

Healey Playground is located at the corner of Foote Avenue and Wright Street and has been in existence for over fifty years.  The playground has been the center for recreational activities in the borough, including Easter Egg Hunts, visits with Santa Claus and Halloween parties, along with other special occasions.  It consists of a food stand during special events, a covered pavilion with picnic benches, a basketball court, swings, sliding boards and other playground equipment geared to smaller children.

Community Park is the newest part located behind the Borough Building and spans from Lackawanna Avenue to Stephenson Street.  The park presently has a walking trail, basketball court, roller hockey court, swing set, webscape, Mega Tower and a small children’s play area, which is fenced off.  The Mega Tower is the biggest attraction with five large sliding boards and other play areas connected.  The pavilion has tables and benches to provide an area of shade and relaxation for visitors.  The park is the site of many recreational activities in the future and will be enjoyed by residents of all ages.

Pavilion Rental is available for birthday parties throughout the year in each park.  To reserve a pavilion, call the Borough Manager (570-655-2829 opt 1) or click the link below to print a copy of the pavilion rental agreement.  The cost is $50 (non-refundable) for use of the pavilion.  Trash should be bagged and left near the main gate for pickup Monday morning.  The park will remain open to the public during all parties. 

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